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Cover illustration by Ken Davis february 2014 Vol. 43 | No. 2 16 cover 16 Beyond Fire and Brimstone What did Jesus really teach about the afterlife? by Brian McLaren Plus: Hell and the love of God, by Christian Piatt/19 features 22 In Pursuit of Wholeness How do we both sustain social justice and do justice to our souls? An interview with spiritual teacher Cynthia Bourgeault. 26 Confessions of a Violent Peacemaker Deep Econo my 26 by bill Action Faith in | ret Marga on God's Atwooders garden bering Rememla Mande l ing Pau Redeem ngton Washi ins &#$sk e Ston re n d Brim Br iA n mc LA re An e afterlife • by nd Fi th Beyo s says about Jesu What An Israeli-American resister on the spiritual links between violence and nonviolence. by Moriel Rothman 34 Can Paul Be Redeemed? Why some of us love Jesus and don't like Paul. by Reta Halteman Finger President Obama walks before a speech tautin past oil pipes g U.S. energy in Cushing, production. Oklahoma, Obama's Two Face s on clim ate chan ge Physics won't bend is imP lac abl e—it even to politi done much Which is cs. this boom to grease the skids news to see why it comes as : He's open for cons bad shore the chart ed up big duction umption s on U.S. tract of fossil of fossil fuels. Duri pro- let the oil s for drilling, and off- in at least fuels. And Obama years a coup companies even be ng the , even as His Inter into the Arcti right: They le of cases they'd has been ior Depa touting his the president 've c. ably rtment aucti administra succe ss good stand enacted reasonin tion's River ons for vast piles has held milea ards on autom tic carbo redu cing our dom ge of Powd Basin coal. obile n emissions er plant and on new coalesfired powe that we've s. In , it r been drilli turns out the truth, when he's But here and frack being frank presi dent ing for more ng, mining, again phys , has ackn this. gas than ics is the oil, coal, owle dged problem. If we're ever and his Obama, who made digging passed Saud before. In fact, re-electio the stuff it through up, it's getting we've burned, n barely i Arabia then some globa ment in oil prod where else. if not here uc- and l warming, has boast ioning matte And it doesn r where. again abou ed again 't If American t his effort oil produ coal gets s to boost shipped to Chin ction. Here a and the atmo Cushing, he is in 2012 sphere doesn then burned, Okla., again in a globa 't care: CO2 of oil pipes st a backd : is rop secon lly mixed gas, so in this case tion and dhand are Und er gerous as smoke is exactly as oil and gas about to pass Russi my adm taking danoutput comb a in America is inist ratio What's going the puffs yourself. while our producing n, ined; mean than at coal expo more oil any time today President Obam on is pretty clear rts have reach new highs in the . We've becom : a ed years . (App biggest carbo lause .) That last eight both ways. He's wanted to have it e the world want n produ 's tant to know . Over the 's impor- the environmental ed to placate Which mean cer. years, I've last three out to ists he reach s that, preci in the years directed in his 2008 my admi sely tion to open campaign ed my admi nistra how much when it's become nistration ("In clear gas and oil up millions of acres - ocean dama is doin g—th ge climate chan exploration for s will begin the rise of the across 23 ge ferent states e years drought, . We're openi dif- wanted to placa to slow") and he's of Hurricane of Midw est than 75 te the rich, ng up more fossil percent of United fuel indus powerful Sandy—th our poten State s has resources try. The tial oil I've said, is offshore. trouble, physics. been buck e that physi We've quad We're ing the number cs gets the as rupled word, and wrong direc going in exact physics last ly the to a recor of operating rigs tion. is sadly pressed by d high. We've The Whit unimspin. Polit enough new added ical realit two argum e House might a powerful y is make line to encirc oil and gas pipeents in respo it's not their le the Earth ity realit force, but realnse. One, then y trumps and some. places like fault: the oil boom it every time. n North Dako in vate enter They migh ta is all priprise. But t also insis february that they in fact Obam 2014 Bi l l Mc t 're doin a's they Kibb e n g what Schu man is can to cut n Disti ngui the America's Scholar at shed Middlebur y College and found er of 350.o rg. Reuters y 2014 Februar McKibben tice ial Jus for Soc The preside nt the rich, pow has sought to placat e erful fossil fuel industry. 14 sojour ners culture watch 38 Margaret Atwood on real-life "God's Gardeners" Excerpt: Planted, by Leah Kostamo Reviews: Talking Taboo; Crossing the Line 40 Eyes & Ears, by Danny Duncan Collum 41 On Film, by Gareth Higgins commentary columns 8 Stop and frisk 9 Peace, and then what? 10 Football racism 7 Hearts & Minds by Jim Wallis 12Moving Mountains by Lisa Sharon Harper 14Deep Economy by Bill McKibben 31 Grain of Salt by Jim Rice 50 H'rumphs by Ed Spivey Jr. departments 5Letters 47Poetry 48 Living the Word by Joy J. Moore 34 february 2014 sojourners 3

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